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Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Shift

Currently I have a problem with the much heralded concept of 'transformation'.
Yes, transformation. It's this, that I no longer believe in it.
I know that this is burning at the stake talk, so I should explain.
It's principally because I have found, in my teaching of creativity, that there is nothing to transform. That everything is already there in a person; this innate God-given gift which simply has to be revealed, woken up to and then kept alive by the very act of creativity itself.
So to me it's a shift. And I found this week a lovely blog on the Guardian site by Mia Hansson which explains admirably what I mean by that term.
Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Michael Eldridge.


  1. As a teacher of gifted students for many years I have discovered that these children and young adults ALL have hidden gifts. It was up to me as mentor, or facilitator to bring them outside their minds and bodies. Even those who are not considered gifted have gifts Sometimes it takes a teacher, a mentor, a book or an event to bring them out.
    I'm not sure it is a transformation but a Gestalt moment where the person happens upon as Michael calls it a 'shift' in their consciousness or learning. Transformation to me is when I see my grandson take his Transformer toy and move a part and make it into something that wasn't there. When a person uses creativity or that 'Ahha' moment to change then they are truly finding something that they never knew existed.
    They are not shifting parts but finding something that was hidden in them, shifting mindsets in the process. Mentors, or coaches like Michael and his colleagues help one find that hidden inner self.

  2. Nicely put indeed, the hidden inner self, I like that ;O)