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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I've finally understood Facebook!
No, just kidding!
I could lose sleep over it, I could.
The only strategy I have resorted to this morning is to click everything clickable.
And what a mess I've got into....and a warning from FB that it looks as if I'm doing things I shouldn't.
I mean, how can you know if you are doing things you shouldn't if you don't know what you could.
Are there rules somewhere I can read up on?
I even tried to put up a new image of myself and was told it was too small. Too small?
Found another one and got an instant message from a friend telling me I look like a friendly ghost.
Does this look too small?
Maybe they mean too nervous.
It's my pensive look

Oh, so I now get why folks change their photos every two days, they get flagged up.
Sorry, just rambling here.
Rambling at starstone

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