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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


            ..rediscovering your unique creativity

                                      With Michelle Rumney and Michael Eldridge

Can you remember your childhood days when every minute was a wondrous realm of imagination and you were totally absorbed in the depth of each moment? Imagine, once again, finding within yourself a colourful creative garden of spontaneity and intuition . . .

Art makes art; creativity feeds creativity. Want to get all that amazing stuff out of your head and into the world? To share with the world? StarStone will show you how. And we do it with a lot of fun and laughter!

Our BIG PAINTING workshops provide simple ways to help you rediscover the original source of your creativity and to know that is it possible to live from a secure place within yourself that permits you to act from your own uniqueness. You paint BIG and thus become BIG in your imagination and love of creativity

You'll experience new ways of self expression and rediscover the precious core of your creativeness, which has always been there waiting to be re-awakened.

Ryanair flights to Ancona and Pescara are low low this week. But be quick!

'Ideas which stay in the head, die in the head'
                    What better way to welcome Springtime?

                                        Your creativity matters.

Michael at Starstone

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