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Monday, October 6, 2014


Yes that's what we are, or will be...Nomads! As in itinerant.
Have a peek at currently revamping StarStone site and all will be revealed.
Less programmed workshops but more specifically targeted as you will see.
What do we mean by Nomadic?
Simply this.That at the ICF Global Conference in Malmo (where yours truly spoke on the subject of creativity) I was asked by folks from Moscow, Athens, Istanbul, Sofia, Warsaw etc, to bring our workshops to them, Quiet chuffed I was but DONG! Struck I was too, with the realisation that it is so much easier for folks if we travel instead of them. So I am recruiting organisers. The idea is that an organiser can easily find a group of participants in their own City. And that these folks don't have to pay travel or accommodation coats. So a bargain all round.
Neat being a Nomad.
Of course we will still run our workshops in Italy, especially over summer, and you will find all the details on site by the end of October, after the grape picking.

Do write to Michael if you like this idea.
Or just write to me anyway. It's nice to do so.

A presto.


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