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Friday, January 23, 2015

Letter to a friend part 2 (contd)

My dear friend. Good to hear from you and that you are keeping up to speed.
Plastic is covering your terracotta floor and the six canvases are spaced out perfectly; nice photos you sent me, thanks.
You tell me that the two days in which you were forbidden to enter your studio sparked off imaginings of actually being in it; of making it beautiful and inspirational. That is good, becauseyou have primed yourself to be positive and loving and it takes us to the next, and very important stage..
So, let's go!
Grab a cushion from the kitchen and in you go. Sit in a favoured corner and just absorb the space, every single inch of it until you feel that your eyes and mind have acquainted themselves fully.
Then get up slowly and begin to walk around and between the prepared canvases, almost as if you are walking though a maze.
And this will happen. All sorts of thoughts and plans and ideas will begin to spark off in your mind but as they do so, you must release them. Just keep on walking around and letting these thoughts drift away as at the moment they serve no purpose.
There are no time factors here because you are entering timelessness and need only to continue drifting around the canvases and into every part of your studio.
There will come a time, within this no time, when you will suddenly realise that you are absolutely present. Well, we have talked about this before, so you know what I mean. It is a sort of nowness, if you will, where separateness dissolves and thoughts and schemes and ideas let go of their grip and where we become conscious (in the true meaning of the word).
It is a feeling of belonging. (as opposed to non-belonging...more of this next time).Your new studio belongs to you and you belong to it, but it is more than that, it is as if the two elements have become one, it is that sort of feeling.
So, when this happens, even if it is just for a short period (you see in timelessness this does not matter), just simply return to you cushion in the corner, close you eyes and breath this feeling until it seems enough for now.
That's it!
Go and make yourself a coffee (or, knowing you, a herbal tea). No biscuits though.
Email me when you have got this far and we will continue on this creative journey.
BUT, in the meantime no ideas or images for your six canvases must enter your mind. OK?
And don't ask me why not because you know I won't tell you.


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