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Thursday, February 15, 2018

That wonderful state

'The object isn't to make art, it's to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable'......Robert Henri

I love this quote by Henri, because it sums up in very few words what our workshops are about.
Let me explain by putting it into the context of Cittadella, our creative home up in the sky in the Sibillini mountains of the southern Appenines in Italy.

The Tango of Creativity part one
Days begin early.
Before breakfast we put our bodies and minds into our fresh new space around the magnificent pool, with Ci Kung or Tai Chi, and we learn how to release ourselves from what we have no need of during the day ahead, and what to give our energy  to instead.
After a delicious breakfast on the patio, the activity begins. We play with colour, words, sketching, painting together and always sharing what we create. Writing Haikus and poetry of any sort and always, always finding ourselves absorbed in the marvellous realm of creativity.
And so the day proceeds and we find that slowly slowly, day by day, our work finds its own direction. It is an adventure, not just in art and creativity but also one into the warm nurturing arms of Mother Nature, up there beneath Monte Vettore, where we feel as protected as the trees, the animals and the springtime alpine flowers which adorn our outings like carpets of glory.
For further details of this unique weekend click here.

The Tango of Creativity part two
Is for folks who have already taken part one, or who have acquired  an affinity with painting, sketching and poetry in their lives.
It is more intense, less studio based and will take us to the mountain passes and to the Gola dell Infernaccio (the throat of hell) and other stunningly enchanting places to work.
For details of this weekend click here

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