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Friday, July 13, 2018

My Garden of Now

 photo: Duncan Campbell, Casteluccio

'Must not the mind have the capacity to fathom -not to imitate, not to be shaped, and to be without fear? Should not such a mind be alone and therefore creative? That creativeness is not yours or mine, it is anonymous'. - Krishnamurti, '

I have called it that, in various ways, for as long as I can remember.
It was where, as a boy, I would become absorbed in the natural world and in making things and with drawing and creating images.
And I have been lucky, throughout my adult life, to not lose this wonder, although of course it has often been threatened.
And this is what I always aim to share with others in my workshops, as do all the other tutors. A precious place where time dissolves and where we can return safely whenever we choose.
This early Autumn, we are trying a few new adventures; a few new faces too, simply to keep on the move and not get stuck in routine and repetition. Neither in our art, nor in life itself.

Our workshops in Italy are held in The Sibillini mountains of Le Marche 

And also in Sicily, and include a variety of creative activities.

Here are some which might interest you for this Autumn