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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


So there you are!
Was wondering I was
And the website is down, yes you are right about that.
It's because we are in the middle of putting up a new one and we've got muddled up between South Africa, UK and Italy. It's all about Servers and codes and things like that.
Here is some news!
Our latest retreat at I Cigni was a joy and a laugh and a launch into unknown territory, by which I mean we created some fascinating art and poetry and ate wondrous Italian food.

And that was just the food!

Just kidding of course! I'm scratching around between computers to find the Pizza pics but here in the meantime is a premeal photo (pizza pics soon); a trial for innocent English amateurs indeed it was

So what will our new site contain?
A whole host of new events, workshops, retreats, seminars, amongst which you will find;

Our famous Creativity Workshops (which combine a mixture of all or any of the media below)
Painting weekends (you can paint, of course you can)
Photography (it's all about you and your brain) STOP PRESS! A SPECIAL INTRO WKD OCT 4
Poetry (secrets unlocked forever, and ever)
Film making (incredible! All this new technology makes filmakers of us all)
Italian Cooking (oh my, delicious!)
Energetics (learn important stuff about how to energise your body and mind)
Music and Voice. Very powerful! Sourcing the magic you hold within
Special Guest Weekends. Maria invites you to meet her special friends. Memorable they will be! 

For quick info on any of above write to me, Michael, at, tel +39 328 3535358

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