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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our programme for next year

Our 2013 calendar offers the following;

Wild Photography (it's all about you and your brain) THIS ONE OCTOBER 2012

2013.. Starstone Retreats are held monthly, avoiding January, February and August

Our famous Creativity Workshops (which combine a mixture of all or any of the media below)

Wild Painting weekends (you can paint, of course you can)

Passion and Poetry (secrets unlocked forever, and ever)

Fantastic Film making (All this new technology makes filmakers of us all)

Real Italian Cooking (oh my, how delicious!)

Life Energetics (learn important stuff about how to energise your body and mind)

Music and Voice. Very powerful! Sourcing the magic you hold within

Special Guest Weekends. Maria invites you to meet her special friends. Memorable they are! 

for more info contact Michael on

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