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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hunting the Heart of the Blue Deer

Hunting the Heart of The Blue Deer with Art 
...your question, your vision, your prayer, your art...
An artistic journey integrating anthroposophical art therapy and the traditional healing philosophies of Mexico
facilitated by Eleanor Darley, artist & art therapist

Inspired by an approach to knowledge from traditional mexican philosophies this workshop facilitates a journey, using art, to focus intent, the will to heal or understand something, and the imaginative vision that comes from communicating with nature. We will explore how we can create art that lives! That embodies both personal wisdom and the gift of this that we can offer back to the world in our work.

The art and spiritual practice in indigenous cultures often demonstrates a way to uniquely attune to the environment and cultivate a state of empathy with nature. The interactive relationship with nature was much more inherent and part of a direct communication to learn to ‘see’ and the art produced contains the forms, colours and essence of what lives. It was often the responsibility of the artist to create an imaginative interpretation of knowledge from the spiritual realm and an offering back to the world, in reverence for the gift of life, and the wisdom imparted.

It is called, Hunting the Heart of the Blue Deer, because inspired by the Huichol traditions, I have come to know the arrows of intent open your eyes, and how the wisdom of the heart helps you to see. We will explore this, and it’s process further over the workshop.

Dates (provisional) May 8-13

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