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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Our Springtime workshops in the mountains of La Sibilla

   Imagine your creativity
Creativity Workshops in the Magical Mountains of La Sibilla

                                Painting, Photography. Poetry.

Our workshops this Spring in Italy are centred at Cittadella, a wonderful Agriturism high up in the Sibillini mountain range in the Province of Le Marche Italy, just below the ancient volcano of Monte Vettore. 

It is a very special place where mother nature still rules supreme, a place indeed where succesful re-wilding programmes are in action to restore the original population of wolves, bear and many other species of both fauna and flora.
Our workshops invite our guests to re-wild themselves, which simply means returning for a while to your childlike innocent playful self and through painting, poetry, photography, to deepen your commitment to live more creative and fulfilling lives.

We talk about the realm of creativity being like a distant roar of the wind which, if we give our attention to it, gets closer and closer until it absorbs us and we are taken on a flight like autumn leaves in an October storm.  And we are necessary in this dance. We make manifest these whispers, these messages, sent to us sometimes in the roaring wind and sometimes in the gentle sound of a babbling steam, or the echoing cry of a circling falcon.
By being awake and fully attentive to these wonders, we are compelled to make images, write poetry, stories, music. as out gift back to this source, whatever it might be, wherever in comes from.

The beautiful centre at Cittadella in its panoramic landscape, will help people reconnect with their natural selves, taking a break from their normal life and environment and allowing their innate creativity to flow.
And when it's time to leave, you leave with your creations, happy, relaxed, in tune with nature and your rediscovered natural self.

Here are the dates and titles. Simply click on the links in blue below to learn more about these fascinating weekends in the Magical mountains of La Sibilla. Good company, authentic Italian food, spectacular scenery.

Wild Photography in the Sibillini Mountains in Italy:
May 31 to June 4, 2018
With Michael Eldridge and Natasha Lythgoe

The Tango of Creativity
Cost E175 plus accom
With Michael Eldridge

Re-wilding the Self – via painting, sketching, poetry,17th to 21st May 2018 Cost E175 plus accom
With Michael Eldridge

Re-wilding the Self. June 8 to 12
With Michael Eldridge and Peter Moolan-Feroze

Read what the Guardian says about Cittadella

Very best wishes for 2018, may it be a creative one for you!

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