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Monday, January 8, 2018

Workshops in the Sky

Cittadella is our home in Springtime.
1000 metres up in the sky beneath the ancient volcano of Monte Vettore in the very heart of wild nature, a land of mountain eagles,wolves and bear. And it is here that we enter another space in our lives, escaping from the prison of conformity in which modern life is cocooning us, and allowing mother nature herself to open us to our birth right, to the wonder of creativity; that powerful instinct which is simply waiting to be re-awakened withn us.

So what happens up in the sky at Cittadella?
The space around us expands and we become absorbed into that greater space where the realm of creativity whispers (and sometimes shouts) with music, poetry and painting, just waiting for us to listen to, and give our hands and minds to the freedom to express and make manifest. In short, to create beyond ourselves.
Sketching, Painting, Poetry, Wild Photography, Ci Kung Tai Chi.
In the wonderland of Cittadella
Authentic Italian cuisine, beautiful pool, horses to ride, mountain paths to get lost in.

Citta della Sibilla, the land of La Sibilla, the seer of Rome
A land steeped in Myth and Legend, a land where esoteric battles were fought between Christianity and Paganism and where echoes of these struggles exist even today.
Where beneath Monte Vettore, Pontius Pilate was beheaded and his body thrown into the Lake which now bears his name.
A land of Magic and Witchcraft.
Of the Old Nature religion, where Mother Nature still reigns supreme.
In the veritable heart of nature, where we re-discover our own hearts and our own innate creative nature

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