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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Breathing Art in Sicily

So, we all know how to eat well.
How we should limit our alcohol intake.
How to keep sun exposure in check.
How much we should exercise.
How to be conscious of our carbon footprints.
How much water we should drink each day.

Do we know how to breathe properly?
Gianni Girotto.. has taught right breathing in Italy for many years and this October in Sicily he is collaborating with artist Michael Eldridge in an experiental workshop which explores the relationship between right breathing and the creative impulse.
What does this mean?
Gianni has found that the very practice of correct breathing triggers off a profound and powerful
release of energy and clarity of mind; this followed by a desire to do and make and to create in some form or fashion.
Michael has followed Gianni for years now and he has jumped at the prospect of working with him in Sicily. On this workshop he will show folks how to galvinise this energy and how such alchemy
can produce art work in the form of painting.

You don't have to be a a painter to come on the course, nor do you have to have had previous knowledge of right breathing techniques.
You just need to be curious, adventurous and to delight in the prospect of working with like minded people at the remarkable Centre of Bannata in central Sicily

Flights in Italy, Ryanair to Catania from most Italian airports, check also Volea and Vologratis
From UK, Ryanair to Catania from Bristol, East Midlands and Edinburgh, check also British Airways and EasyJet

Workshop dates October 16 to 21

The workshop is in both Italian and English

Find out more here

                                               BOOKING INSTRUCTIONS

Michael's email
Whatsapp +39 3283535358

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