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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Watch out for Jellyfish

My morning swim

In moral support of Lewis Pugh, I returned to my morning swim in the sea regime this morning, after a sojourn in London. He says that courage is a muscle that improves in strength when practised.
And he's dead right about that. This morning in particular.
I was late arriving at my swimming beach because my mind was making excuses, the excuse of a burned foot (small accident with flaming plastic bag before London trip) and my mind said, take it easy, stay in bed, go tomorrow. Then I remembered that it's Lewis's last stretch of coastline morning. So I took his wise words as a spur to action and drove down to the sea. And what a difference an hour makes of a morning. Four times as many cars, ten times as many people, and, sad to say, Georgio, my seagull friend had given up on me and wasn't on his perch out at sea.
But I swam out to him anyway in his absence and sang his song to him, thinking he might hear me and fly to his black post, but alas not. He's sulking I guess.
The water is crystal clear, the air morning clean and fresh and I realise how lucky we are here in Le Marche, between the sea and the mountains. Read yesterday that 95% of city people in Europe breathe polluted air and that this effects the brain's function, that children are affected most of all. Great!

Which takes us down to Sicily.
Do you know Sicily?
You do?
You don't!
It is a place like no other
Folks there are intensely protective of the environment, the land, the surrounding sea, air quality, water quality, flora and fauna, and they are pro-active about these issues. And once they have fixed their awful roads and all drive electric cars, I think I will be singing their praises endlessly.

You might like to know that Gianni Girotto and I are running our BreathingArt workshop down there in October.
It's at the spectacular Bannata Centre
Here is an info link

So,here's a toast to Lewis Pugh, who at this very moment is finishing his super human swim and meeting Michael Gove at Dover.
Watch out for jellyfish Lewis.

Michael at