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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I popped down to I Cigni to check out some details for our summer programme, and this was waiting for me.
A present!

I love getting presents especially when they are paintings.
It was from Jiven Banghar, (she of 'Purplestars') who came on a One2one weekend with me in the summer. These fast moving, and deeply emotional snatches of time blast away any obstacles there might be, or could ever be, to being at one with your true creative self. 
In practical terms they are about whatever
medium of expression presents itself, be it painting, photography, poetry, writing, but especially they are more than the expression of any particular art form; more about the art of living itself. The Art of living creatively.
This was Jiven's first ever painting in her entire life. And I am proud to be the owner.
It's hanging on my studio wall already.
Oh, and this was her kind thank you message

Michael at starstone

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


                                    BIG PAINTING May 8 to 11
                                         With Michelle Rumney and Michael Eldridge

Creativity, as we all know, is something which the world, business, industry, education, is crying out for. Problem is, few people know how to get achieve it; how to loosen minds from the more rational corridors of constraint which restrict out ability to embrace it.They talk about it but do not know that it is a parallel world just waiting for us to inhabit. It's been there all the time. Some secret!
Let me explain.
Take as an analogy baby in the pool; those videos we see, where babies swim happily under water. The amazing thing is that they don't have to be taught; it's an instinct they are born with, this experience is like going home for them, and in turn gives them joy and confidence and also takes away the fear of they must at first experience at arriving in a harsher new world, so much harsher than the warm sweet water that they had become used to, floating inside their mothers' bodies. And this experience is something that stays with them all of their lives, a love for water and something which gives them confidence too, essential in their new quest to survive and prosper
Creativity is somewhat like this. It is something we are born with and something we would float within forever, if it weren't for all the abrasive things which happen to us as we grow older, the infrequency of play with parents, the exposure to rational education etc.
So our technique, if you can call it that, is a sort of psychological unlocking, facilitated easily through play and games and group dynamics where I take people back to the tailing off point in their childhood where their natural creativity began to be squeezed aside and give them once again permission to be carefree and playful and thus creative; swimming once more in the warm pool of the creative unconscious.
Our BIG PAINTING weekend is a direct and powerful way to immerse yourself into this parallel world; to be released from the constraints of rationality and to float once more in the delicious flow of creativity which has been simply waiting for you to awaken to its presence. You will paint BIG and feel BIG and learn that art is life and that life is art. You will find that you can at last paint your life anew on every waking day of your lives.
So creativity is innate within us all, never leaves us, simply has to be re-awakened. What we also do is give people a sort of survival kit to take way with them, allowing them to source their rediscovered creativity at will and whenever in whatever form this make take; and not necessarily art but also in the art of living itself.

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