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Thursday, November 2, 2023

ART, the senses, the forest

Our little  group of art friends is made up of enthusiasts who work with various forms of expression and who find their main inspiration from deep contact with nature.

                                    Judy Offord

                                  Judy Offord

On Wednesday last, we met at the Abbey of Fiastra,  and we trekked to the forest on a gorgeous day of dappled light which splashed through the trees, pushed along by a hesitant wind

Duncan Campbell
'Those who know, do not speak. Those who speak, do not know

It's a Chinese saying that comes in handy when silence and listening are essential and in the forest everyone seeks out a place which has caught their attention and then,simply, we absorb our surroundings; this by firstly doing a breathing exercise for a while and then to begin to sketch and make memory marks, whilst at the same time naturally breathing in the aromatherapy of phytoncides (essences) from the trees and vegetation.(You know we absorb these immmediately into our bloodstreams, into our bodies and into our brains). Then, don't ask me how, but somehow those ever persistent thoughts diminish and we are afforded the experience of pure presence. 

And then our art just happens as if by magic

Art; the desire to create, which comes naturally; not forced from the mind, but simply flowing into the mind


                                    Michael Eldridge