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Saturday, October 8, 2022

Delfie's Barn

 The Centre where we spend our time is historically known as a place of magic, of the old nature religion, of caves and secret grottos, and high up at 2000 metres, the cave of the mythical Sibilla.

It's within the Sibillini National Park, a large area which encompasses an entire string of mountains and one which is dedicated to a successful programme of re-wilding, having already reintroduced wolves and bears who in turn, by their active presence are restoring its original balance of nature.

Our Art Group consists of both a local group, a mixture of Italians and British, and a more International group who visit here two or three times annually to work together and simply to be together to share their art experiences, in painting, poetry and adventure around this magnificent playground of nature, with it's mountains, lakes and sacred places.

Earlier this week, some of us from the local group got together, ostensibly to paint and show each other our art work but mysteriously it became a day of simply relaxing and enjoying each others company and discovering that Defie's barn could be changed into a magnificent studio. And we started doing so, getting as far as throwing masses of junk away and watching as its intrinsic beauty unfold

Read what she says about what we got up to and how it enriched our day...........

She writes;

What is creativity? We often fear this word. We feel it's bigger than us, a little mysterious and we believe that you have to be painters to be creative! This is actually what happened today, planning the day making art together and instead we created a cozy environment in a garage, ate together, discovered marginal places in the surrounding nature and new ideas came and so, without "thinking"! Creativity is not just about painting or photographing or creating objects. Creativity is knowing how to flow with what attracts you. Create_activity. Stop thinking and act, something beautiful will surely come your way! 

Delfie, aka. Claudia Renzi