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Saturday, April 7, 2018

My Golden bubble of Abundance

                                        Painting by Michael Eldridge

'The object isn't to make art, it's to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable'......Robert Henri

It must have been ten years since I first came upon Henri's words. And I can truly say they changed my life. They made me curious as to what he meant, and more importantly, how to get into this 'wonderful state'

And this is where I have arrived at so far.....

A Golden bubble of Abundance
Into which I can invite in or throw out what I need, or don't need, every day

I can invite in 'health and well being, which ripples through my body from head to toe like a tingle of electricity, lighting up every one of the the thirty seven trillion cells in my body, so it becomes like a galaxy of stars in the universe- which indeed it is.

I can throw out of my bubble the past and present, because I have no need of these on some days, as I might wish to be absorbed into the beauty of the moment of now, my garden of now, if you will.

And when I walk through my garden of now I can wonder at the sky and the clouds, the trees and the animals, the sweet flowers and the rippling streams.

And when I walk deeper into this garden, I become aware of a distant roar of wind, the touch of it on my skin, a whisper in my ear. It is Creativity. And as always it is searching for me and can only find me if I make myself visible, if I step into the light.

And it whispers to me of wonderful things, words, images, colours, music, song, dance.

It is lonely without us and needs us to dance with because then it is complete and life is complete, as it should be. And so we are almost obliged to return this gift by making music, painting, poetry, or however and whatever we may desire to create.
To create beyond ourselves

And we learn to connect with the good things in life and steer away from the bad

And into our bubble we can put ,too, other things we might need each day, such as
To get us through the day's little difficulties, because there will always be these

And we can carry our bubble, make our bubble, whenever we desire, to both protect us and to make us glow.
It can always be created simply with the breath of our imagination

A Golden Bubble of Abundance

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