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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Men in White Gloves

Beware of them, my mum always told me...but I jest.
Colin Tracy, Steve Bray (the author of Photography and Zen) and I, shared an exhibition in Marmaris, Turkey. It was great to be fussed over and welcomed in such a heart felt way and we wish we could have stayed longer. The gallery is superb as you can see and I think it was the nicest opening I've ever experienced. In fact it was.

Stephen and Irem the most perfect hosts and the Turkish guests so sincere and charming.
I have this idea of buying a boat and living there ;O)
You can see us on TV tonight (Wed) at 630pm UK time
Wearing white gloves



            ..rediscovering your unique creativity

                                      With Michelle Rumney and Michael Eldridge

Can you remember your childhood days when every minute was a wondrous realm of imagination and you were totally absorbed in the depth of each moment? Imagine, once again, finding within yourself a colourful creative garden of spontaneity and intuition . . .

Art makes art; creativity feeds creativity. Want to get all that amazing stuff out of your head and into the world? To share with the world? StarStone will show you how. And we do it with a lot of fun and laughter!

Our BIG PAINTING workshops provide simple ways to help you rediscover the original source of your creativity and to know that is it possible to live from a secure place within yourself that permits you to act from your own uniqueness. You paint BIG and thus become BIG in your imagination and love of creativity

You'll experience new ways of self expression and rediscover the precious core of your creativeness, which has always been there waiting to be re-awakened.

Ryanair flights to Ancona and Pescara are low low this week. But be quick!

'Ideas which stay in the head, die in the head'
                    What better way to welcome Springtime?

                                        Your creativity matters.

Michael at Starstone

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Coaching and the creative mind

                       the Sibillini mountains, our summer playground in Le Marche

I'm a guest speaker at the ICF Global Conference in Malmo Sept 18-20 on the subject of creativity, and how it is what everybody is talking about and yet few know how to do; how to enter this enchanting parallel world.
And here in Italy I am running a seminar (May 29 to June 1) where, if you are already a Creativity Coach, or aspire to be one, this will prove to be a fascinating voyage into the inner world of the creative artist. An opportunity to experience for yourselves the wondrously contradictory labyrinths of the creative mind, our working territory, where you will paint, you will write, you will get lost down the rabbit hole of creativity and be rescued.

Michael at STARSTONE

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fotografia e meditazione

 Con Mauro Magrini
Luglio 3 a 6
 La meditazione è una chiave per accedere alla creatività. Nello stato meditativo, nell’apertura a ciò che ci sta attorno e nella presenza all’attimo, si creano le condizioni ideali per vedere la realtà con i nostri occhi, sgombra da condizionamenti e preconcetti e per accedervi con la nostra sensibilità entrando in simbiosi con l’Unità. In questo stato la nostra creatività è capace di esprimersi in maniera originale e corrispondente a noi stessi.
 Fotografare in questo stato significa aprire in nostro terzo occhio, essere capaci di cogliere quello che realmente ci colpisce, nella modalità estetica più consona alla nostra sensibilità artistica.
Diventiamo un tutt’uno con ciò che fotografiamo e l’immagine diventa realmente espressione di noi stessi.
Nel workshop saranno sperimentate queste condizioni e questo approccio alla fotografia, per renderla più consapevole e più affine al nostro essere.
Mauro Magrini 
A starstone