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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sacred Voice


                                           WITH JULES HEAVENS
I work with the voice as a metaphoric gateway to revelation… to remember and reveal ourselves.  This is not about singing, however you may actually discover (even those of us who were told not to sing as a child) that you have an amazing voice … AND that there are sounds you can make using ancient vocal maps, which help your energy and well being. These also provide keys to unlock your own inner music, to experience your own sound wisdom and soul-full symphony- what I call ‘Singing the Bones’.

By unleashing your voice on this path of revelation, and through exploration, discovery and opening, you liberate your creative expression, presence and being in and for the world….

An incredible voyage into sacred sound and voice with Jules Heavens. A delicious experience amongst olive groves seeped in the aromas of late summer at I Cigni.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Paint BIG

Our Big Painting retreats are in May and October.

This is Michelle's and is entitled 'Transforming Light'

This is Michael's and is one of a series entitled 'Homage to La Sibilla'

They're quite BIG because we like to paint BIG and so will you when you 
join our retreat. It's about physicality and the sheer joy of working 
human size. Giants we are when we choose to be.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Is that your body?

Have you ever peered down at your toes and thought 'These are not my feet!'?
Quite common apparently, although I'm sure mine are mine, I think.
When you spend a delightful weekend on our Energetics Retreat, with our Ace Instructors Liliana and Gianni, you will swim like a dolphin after your Watsu (shiatsu in water) experience and float lightly in the summer breeze after Longevity Exercises (bit like Qi Kung but more powerful) You'll learn how to breathe properly for the first time in your life and feel how good it is to have your mind and body in balance; that your body is yours.

June 8 and 9

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that creative shift

Thursday, February 7, 2013

First dish ever

This is a photo of the first meal we ever cooked on a retreat weekend.
I know what you're thinking....'Delicious!'
Things have moved on since those early days and Maria now runs her
Italian Cooking weekends where you savour the of her down to earth
culinary skills (a mixture of Napolitan and Marchigiana) followed by
mouth watering delights such as tiramisu or panna cotta con frutta dal

June 19 to 22 and December 5 to 8 (for Christmas special)

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our Italian Playground

Breakfast time at I Cigni You can see and smell the sea from our table and the air just crackles with light, infused with the aroma of fresh Italian coffee and brioches. Mmmm!
Our playground!

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Painting in Italy this Summer

Michael teams up with his painting buddy from the Red and Blue Art Factory, Lorenzi Viscidi (and have a peep at www, too). It's their collaboration.
Here we will whisk away all the 'can'ts' from your aching soul and make you realise how accessing your intuitive creativity is as easy as slipping into a Turkish Bath but not in Istanbul.
We play, we laugh, make a mess, but we never make mistakes, simply because they don't exist, do they? No they don't.
And you will come away from this retreat with something magical; something which will stay with you forever.
That you can, and will, paint.
June 20 to 23.