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Monday, July 26, 2021

What we do on Wednesdays

 Wednesday is our studio day.

We meet, we plan, we make art together .

Usually at my studio in Morrovalle.

Often in the countryside too, when members of our group host us for the day.

We are an international mix of artists which includes poets, authors, photographers and painters, most of whom live in Italy and others in the UK

Our weekends in the Sibillini mountains of Italy are held at Cittadella, our mountain retreat in the Sibillini National Park in September.

Our exhibitions

Earlier this month we had a group exhibition together in Civitanova Alta as part of the 'Rinascita' art celebrations there, first of a series we plan for 2022 where all our hopes are for the rebirth (rinascita) of creative life on our precious planet

Our webinars

Bi-weekly webinars are where we keep in touch with each other in real time, sharing our dreams and ideas about recovery and freedom. Where we share our artwork in poetry, photography and painting

My plan for 2022 is to make Le Marche our creativity hub within Italy, and as a first step, to form a new group (a pod) to exist and run parallel with our current one. And then another and so on and so on. To make Cittadella the energy centre of our activities, where we draw inspiration from its natural beauty and the glory of its setting, high up in the Sibillini mountain range in the lea of the majestic Monte Vettore


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Our workshops

Michael Eldridge

Listen to an interview with Michael Eldridge here

Contact details;

email Michael:

whatsapp +39 3283535358

In Italian; Claudia Renzi whatsapp  +39 3515042828