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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The white rabbit saga pt 2


As I get older I am drawn towards people, events and ways of living which are not fast or immediate but which show passionate involvement and concentration on the job in hand; with more concern for quality of product than money.
And below is a lovely reaction to my Mila the angora rabbit blog from a linkedin friend Warren A Reilly.

'I am with you there Michael...
Perhaps there is a sentimentality that comes at a certain time of life, however I (like you :-) am also no luddite to modern technology or community, and yet as I get older the 'value' of those older traditions are being raised within my own eyes.

Yes, I am aware that there may be more efficient materials than angora rabbit fur...
Yes, I am aware that I could probably buy a garment for a third of the cost - made in a sweat shop in Indo-china..
Yes, I am aware that this is labour intensive and you could not possibly expect to compete in a global market with a garment made in this way....(blah, blah, blah..)

But that is the point - I wouldn't value a culturally neutral & optimised product made under duress by a stranger..
I want the jumper that took 4 weeks from start to finish. The one that lasts at least 10 years if looked after lovingly.
I want the one made a person who made it for me - as an individual.

I know it is more expensive, I don't care - I really don't care.
If I don't have the money to pay for it, then just have to work a bit harder for a bit longer and save up for it. The anticipation only adds to the value... :-)