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Monday, June 6, 2022

Likes are shallow responses


This is a recent painting of mine.

It is untitled as all of them are.

This I do because it allows folk to make their own personal voyage.

And the story of such an adventure interests me greatly.

My work gets put up on social media and gets a multitude of likes.

Which to me is a warming flash of emptiness.

But, occasionally, I receive a meaningful comment.

Example; from a poet friend of mine in England. 

She said....

'This really speaks to me'

So, I asked her if she would write a poem about what my painting said to her.

She has in fact written three, and here are two

Elemental Force

Dancing waves of light

Weave a curtain of the elements 

A celestial ballet

Of swirling fragments. 

Earth, air, fire and water

Conspire to delight

And inform

My senses.

Ruth Dunsby


I settle on the glowing light

Sink down through the

Layers, unrestrained by

Rules or intent.

Finding my way

By the process of immersion

I inhabit the image

I taste the vibrance

I am warmed by the light

From where, 

Slowly but inexorably,

My words will flow.

Ruth Dunsby

Interesting that she has named it, and that is OK because it is her voyage now.

And I can go on about how those who have bought my paintings tell me that they change over time and reveal stories which have been hidden in some magical way.

I've decided to add this collaborative word/image game to my September workshop in Italy. It's fun and enlightening too.