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Monday, August 9, 2021

Wednesdays Part 2


This is a photo of me sitting on a hillside beneath the majestic Monte Vettore

But it isn't just that

This is a photo of Judy Offord seemingly lost on the edge of a wood on the same hillside

But it isn't just that

This is a photo of Delfi Renzi sitting in the garden of our Energy Centre at Cittadella with Monte Vettore in the background

But it isn't just that either

Duncan Campbell was with us too on our Wednesday special but alas no photo of him. Probably up a tree somewhere, where he is oft wont to be

And listening.

We are all listening

Because this was our sensory day.

A day of opening and exploring our five senses

Spending time on each; a half an hour or so.

Because, you see, it is what we do when we enter our garden of now, our realm of creativity. We open our senses to nature

It is where our minds are free to accept the gifts that Creativity bestows on us; gifts or art; imagery, music, dance, poetry, and all the other wonders that allow us to create beyond ourselves and to give light to the darkness that ever threatens to engulf us,

Next Wednesday, The Sea


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