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Friday, October 2, 2020

Our Mountain Creativity retreat in mid September

Our Creativity Workshop: painting, poetry, writing, adventuring.

Cittadella sits high up in the Sibillini range of mountains under the gaze of the Mt Vettore, the highest of the seven peaks which form a circle and which are linked together by ancient pathways.

It has been our workshop base for the past three years where we have collectively explored our creativity in painting, poetry and adventures in the natural beauty of its surrounding countryside, a magical playground which allows body, mind and spirit a release from the concerns and pressures of life and which gives free rein to the senses. We connect slowly to this world of huge skies, deep forests and mountain glades, gurgling streams and crashing waterfalls; a magical place where there are an ever increasing number of indigenous animals, as its flora and fauna return to their ancient habitats, encouraged by an enlightened re-wilding programme in the Sibillini National Park

Ci Kung morning lesson

Our days began early with Tai Ci and Ci Kung around the pool, where we push away things we don't want in our days, our lives; and then invite in things which we want and desire. Butterflies and honey bees abound in this unpolluted air, and we are all entranced by this symphony of life which abounds at this altitude. It feels as if we too are floating in the sky and it is the very best way to start the day

Then off we trip up the hill to have breakfast, meeting again at 9.30 to discuss the day ahead. 

Mornings were a gentle time at Cittadella. On one we went searching for glades to be alone in; being surprised by rustlings of creatures in the grass and the beauty of deer tearing past us. We spent a day  at Lu Vurghe, an ancient thermal spring near Ascoli, an old Roman resort which has recently been restored to provide hot mini baths above the beach alongside the river Tronto and its rapids. It was a day to dream about and we sketched and painted, wrote poetry and bathed in the hot water pouring from huge rocks. Some of us (one) braved the rapids too.

                                                      Lu Vurghe

Lu Vurghe.........

I lie here.

The river, driven by its own intent,

Fleetingly holds my shape,

Roughly caresses my body,

Rudely probes my secret places.

The future is elsewhere.

The past wiped clean.

Only now fills the void.

A poem by Ruth Dunsby (below)

Most afternoons we devoted ourselves to studio time, sharing ideas and taking time individually to go sketching or painting or writing Haikus and poetry, and dipping into the pool to cool down

Our evenings after dinner (delicious Italian food) were when we would get together to share stories about our daytime adventures. It is a good time, a time when friendships are made and when we relax in the beauty of twilight and the first whispering sounds of the night and the beauty of the stars in this clean mountain air. We were an eclectic group of different nationalities and age groups but so alike in many ways too; in our love of creativity in whatever form, and in our sense of wonder at life's possibilities

La Cena

The Garden at Cittadella

morning get together

Dancing to the end of love (Leonard Cohen inspired)

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