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Friday, December 21, 2018

The return of the light

    My countryside

Today is December 21st, the Solstice, the stilling of the sun, which continues for three days. And I register the shadow of a drainpipe with a mark now, black line in indelible ink on the outside kitchen wall. This I do at the very same spot every year. It's my mini Stonehenge. I have to be sure that the planet has returned to the same place as ever after its long orbit. I need the reassurance that everything is the same as it ever was.
I need to know that the snow has covered our Sibillini mountains as it always does a few days before Christmas and that there will be enough water in the Spring for the lakes up there and the animals that depend on them.
I need to see the starlings fill the skies with their poetic murmurations (but these are so few and thin and scattered this year and this saddens me).
Where I live between the mountains and the sea in Italy there is little industry and the air and water are clean, (especially so because most farmers use animal manure to fertilise their fields). A plus.
So, in this sense we are fortunate. But we know what is happening in the world outside and we cannot and must not delude ourselves that the impending dangers which threaten the planet are not our concerns
Sound gloomy don't I?
I do.
But all is not lost, because a message arrives as I am typing this, from Ant in Spain.
It is our serendipity at work again.
I call him back and he enthuses about a book he has found which I must, must get and which I've already ordered.
It's entitled 'Abundance' and is written by Peter Diamandis
It turns on its head the gloom and doom we are becoming addicted to, says he, and is about how innovation, creativity and fantastic breakthroughs in technology are abounding and that, although currently unsung, that they will be our salvation.
So as quick as you can, on to Amazon where you find the book second hand for a few pence.
Read it, and then we can all discuss it together.
You find him on TED too. Well worth watching as he succinctly runs through a verbal precis of what his philosophy, his life view is: 
My take on it this solstice, is it is good that we are challenged and bumped off any negative addictions; shed them from our minds before we enter the New Year.
Because we need to put our hearts and energy into new engines of survival and no longer waste our time fixing rusty old bikes.
I am happy about the return of the light.
And the celebration of Abundance.
It starts today, at the winter Solstice

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To dance the dance of creativity, because it is we who make manifest the

the imagery, the poetry and the song that the Gods of creativity whisper to us.

Buon Natale,