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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Michael is interviewed on the subject of Creativity

Michelle Rumney and I have been putting the final touches to our retreat this early summer in Assisi and she reminded me of when she had interviewed me back in 2010 about Creativity for one of her Room on the Edge interviews. I hadn't listened to it for years, so I played it back to myself yesterday evening. I know what you are thinking, that I was riveted with boredom and fell off my chair. Not so. She has put it up on the Starstone Creativity Retreats Facebook page but here it is for you bloggers
It is interesting for me to contrast this with an interview in November with Anthony Rogers, director of The Foundation for Recovery and Wellness and to hear how the questioner got different stuff out of me; squeezed out more recent memories. Here it is
These should go down well with a nice cup of tea and a cake, in the evening
However maybe they are both too wordy and give the impression that creativity is somehow difficult to rediscover in ourselves, should we ever imagine that we have lost it somewhere in our lives (which in truth we haven't)
But words apart, (and these can be inspiring but are never enough)...what I was struggling to express was the simplicity of living creatively; contrasting this with the mind's seeming objection to this state of being.
And so, our workshops are about the pure physicality of being immersed in this realm. To experience what it is to act with the absorption of a child, to be fully attentive to the actual, where past and future thoughts just peel away and we can watch them past by as if they were fish in a stream which we have no wish to catch or engage with. To be absorbed in the realm of creativity by the very act of creating where we and the flow and the act become one.
There! That is what I wished I'd said.

Michael 3/3/16