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Sunday, August 21, 2022

The Vibrations of Nature

                               painting Michael Eldridge

What is it like to be an artist?

Is being an artist really just a state of mind?

Just to read about such matters is seldom of any practical use, principally because words are no more than additions to the data bank of our minds. Like learning how to drive a car from an instruction booklet. Or how to ski.

And yes, poetry has a beauty of course, but it is not just thereading but also the writing of it which takes us deeper into the realm of creativity and to its wonders

I learnt to ski in the Rockies (or so I imagined). It was a program with a Zen teacher and I felt like a professional afterwards. One of the exercises was to be blinfolded and go down an easy slope putting weight on to first left foot , then right, and continue....Another to go down throwing a ski pole up in the air and catch it. I was great at that. 

A few months later, I was in Italy and some friends asked me if I would like to go skiing in Switzerland. Could I ski? You bet I said. The resort was high up in the Dolomites and the temperature that weekend was minus 14C. Ice. And deisel frozen in tank already

OK on the black slope? Of course!

 I soon found that my Zen sessions had not included ice, speed, and almost perependicular descents over mounds and hillocks. Consequence? Flying through the air through the sound barrier, my skis crossed. Result, broken ribs and a gashed head, etc. A distant memory. But I do remember walking with skis in my hands two kilometres down the black slope to a mini ski bar, where I sat down to unfreeze with a hot cofee, and to feel the defrosting blood trickle down my face

I lost interest in skiing after that.

But, I guess that experience is one of the reasons I run workshops the way I do

To provide experimental and sensorial experiences in the forests, rivers and mountains, along with like minded people in a spirit of caring and sharing and to produce art; painting, poetry and to start our days slowly with Chi Kung; to absorb ourselves in nature. It is a process which takes time and patience and it is why I run follow ups and webinars with participants once they have attended a workshop, to go deeper, to reinforce. To bond as a group

My next workshop, the Vibrations of Nature is in the spectacular natural environment of the Sibillini mountains of Le Marche Italy, from 26th to 30th of September, 2022. Our venue is Cittadella, a beautiful retreat which lies below the majestic Monte Vettore

There are a only a few places left on this workshop. For further information, please write to Michael at or telephone (whatsapp) +39 3283535358

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