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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

The Abbey art adventure


                art adventures in the park of L'Abbadia da Fiastra.

The original plan was to head for a deadly dark deep ravine but our meetup got a bit wobbly (i.e. The late comers were late). But it was a cracker of a day and a twenty minute hike got us close to the river and to an open space where we started the day with some body wakeup exercises and a bubble game to bring us all to the present moment in time; an essential element for artists who need to unclutter their febrile brains and to switch on their five senses. You see, this was another sensorial trip; collecting material, images, photos, twigs, leaves, earth to take back to my studio for another afternoon of creating beyond ourselves and lighting the dark.

We had lunch (late) prepared for us by Cincia at the bar and talked about the morning, what we saw, what we did, what we were drawn to in our absorptions.

Then three hours of work where everybody finds a private space, where folks paint in watercolour, acrylic, with coloured pensils or crayons and experiment with monoprinting on glass or plexiglass, on canvas or paper.

The following day I gathered together the work and photographed it and the group mailed me some photos too for this blog

Judy Offord

Francesco Belli

Patrizia Silsi

Claudia Renzi

Rafaelle Catà

Giovanni Del Savio

Michael Eldridge

Some photos from the day

Ariy El

A warm welcome to all those who might wish to join a workshop here in Italy, folks who feel an affinity with nature and a desire to create beyond themselves;  

Our creativity workshops at Cittadella in the Sibillini mountains of Italy this summer are from May through to September. They are all in both Italian and English

The Vibrations of Nature, (le vibrazioni della natura) (in both English language and Italian) June 1 to 6, 2022, Cittadella.

And Settembre 14 to 19, (le vibrazioni della natura) (in both Italian and English Language) 2022, Cittadella

contact Michael, email; for further information. Tel 3283535358

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