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Thursday, July 14, 2022

San Altino


                                   The forest of San Altino

It was a weekend of forest adventure and of painting and poetry.

We'd started the day with a Ci Kung session around the pool ; this to make us aware of our bodies, to remember to breathe properly and open our five senses in preparation for the day ahead.

San Altino is only 15 minutes away from Cittadella; (our Sibillini refuge) it's a small village, and in the centre there is a bar and restaurant and just a few house and it is there the road ends.

It was still quite early but the entire village was jam packed with cars and (boy/girl) scouts. But as we walked into the forest it soon became clear that, except for the occasional hiker, we were alone and undisturbed

And so the day began and we joined a winding path with took us over the hills for getting on for an hour or so until we reached a clearing where we off loaded our rucksacks and chatted for a while about how sensorial openness is related to creative activity

An international mix of Italians, German, South African and British.
Four of the Italians were new to the group and easily blended in with the other participants who had attended previous workshops with me. This was my first session where we spoke solely in Italian and it worked out well. It seemed right in this very Italian venue

And after lunch, back to Cittadella where we spent the rest of the day painting and monoprinting.

To immerse oneself in the rythms of nature, is not only to enter and absorb the beauty of forests and rivers and glades, but it is inhale its air which is charged with life enhancing substance. And here, to slowly open all our senses and begin our voyage into the the very essence of creativity; to come alive and to find that we have the capacity to create beyond ourselves

Our next Vibrations of Nature workshop in the Sibillini moutains will be September 20 t0 25

Further information in English, write to Michael Eldridge at

tel, whats app +39 3283535358

In Italian,  contattare; Claudia, email claudiarenzistudio@gmail.comwhatsapp 351.5042828

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