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Sunday, July 31, 2022



                                (and what it is to be an artist)

                Judy Offord

This is a little exhibition in Porto San Giorgio, a coastal town on the Adriatic It is with my painter friends Claudia Renzi, Judy Offord and Duncan Campbell who have been exhibiting here and there around this part of Le Marche for the past couple of years. It is where we live, and although we show our work in a larger arena, nationally and internationally, this is a homage to where we live; as it is here that we are drawn to the beauty of the mountains and rivers and ravines; our continuing absorption into the rhythms and mysteries of nature.

             Claudia Renzi

Artists need buddies as much as they need solitude and the sounds of silence and we have learned to respect these positive needs and qualities amongst ourselves.

             Duncan Campbell

And it is this dynamic that I foster in my workshops up in the mountains of La Sibilla here in Le Marche, Italy: And it continues as a sort of lasting connectivity way beyond a workshop weekend with  webinars where we show each other our work on a regular basis and share also the things that are not so good in our lives. Creative people are emotional people and it is best that they don't pretend to be in control, but instead adhere readily to Nietzsche 's wonderful saying that 'One must have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star'

                          Michael Eldridge

We are like mountain wolves who prefer to prowl around the edges of the forest of normality, rather then be drawn into its confines of stifling comfort and conformity

That is not to say we are not happy, by the way. It's just another kind of happiness, which changes like the vagaries of the wind

My next workshop at Cittadella, 'T'he Vibrations of Nature' is from September 26th to 30th

It explores the affinity between the five senses and the desire to create beyond ourselves.

That sounds serious, but in reality it's a fun ride of sharing and laughing and lightening (for a while at least) the darkness that we know is often all too near

This is what buddies are for, after all: to share and care.


Further information about my workshops in English and Italian, write to Michael Eldridge at

tel, whats app +39 3283535358

In Italian,  contattare; Claudia, email claudiarenzistudio@gmail.comwhatsapp 351.5042828

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