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Saturday, July 2, 2022

The Vibrations of Nature


Lu Vurghe

This short video is from a sensorial day at an ancient hot spring not far from Ascoli Piceno in the Marche region of Italy.It is situated just off La Salaria, the ancient salt road to Rome from the salt flats at what is now San Benedetto. It has been a hot mineral water spa for millennia and was once a favourite with Roman Legions who would stop over to clean up and rest when passing by.

It is a place where I take workshop participants. The bathing area is a sandy beach on the bend of the river Tronto...which flows into rapids below and then on to Ascoli, It is a very special place of visual beauty which simultaneously engages all of our five senses; The touch and smell of the hot mineral water which flows into the river, its taste on our lips and the sight of the drifting river weed, the subtle  difference between the warm soft water and the tingly cold  and the sound of the water flowing and bubbling.; the rushing sounds of the wind through the trees on the surrounding banks above us. We are like our animal friends at this time, and this full alertness is like an open space in our minds and it is here that our imaginings begin to stir and we feel this desire to create beyond ourselves, to make marks, images, sounds and shapes with river clay.

It is a sensorial day

An emptying of the mind

To clear a path for the opening of our rediscovered creativity

When we paint, write poetry and learn the benefits of Ci Kung and Tai Chi in our lives

At Cittadella, our mountain retreat in the Sibillini National Park of Le Marche, Italy

September workshop 'The vibrations of Nature' from 20th to 25th in both English and Italian.

Further information in English, write to Michael Eldridge at

tel, whats app +39 3283535358

In Italian,  contattare; Claudia, email claudiarenzistudio@gmail.comwhatsapp 351.5042828

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